Resources on St. Paul

Fr. Raymond Collins is a widely respected biblical scholar with a particular expertise in the writings of St. Paul. The Liturgical Press has published two books of Fr. Collins that I believe merit consideration by serious students of Scripture.

One is part of the Sacra Pagina series of biblical commentaries that the Liturgical Press launched in the 1990s. It is on 1 Corthinians. The other is entitled “Letters that Paul Did Not Write.”

I recommend highly for several reasons.

First, Fr. Collins is a top rate scholar.

Second, he is not ideologically oriented. Sometimes he opts for a traditional perspective, other

Focolare and Christian Community and Spirituality Books

One of the vibrant lay movements in the Church is Focolare. Founded by Chiara Lubich, who passed away in 2008, it promotes dialogue and Christian unity and community. It also advocates a modern, communitarian approach to Christian living.

New City Press is the publishing house of the Focolare movement in North America. It publishes accessible, attractive, authoritative books and media that explore theological foundations for faith and spirituality, ecumenical and interreligious initiatives, and connections between religion and human identity, relationships, and culture. I find it refreshing because it is not ideology-driven, and it is centrist and unity-building. It has an intellectual component as well as a pastoral one.

I recently reviewed select NCP titles on the Relevant Radio program “Morning Air with Sean Herriott.” You can listen to the archived interview on

New City Press published my book, Becoming Community in 2007, and I have experienced their publishing production cycle first hand. They have a rigorous editorial approach, resulting in quality, well written books. They are a streamlined operation that functions remarkably well. I found all of the titles below to be very worthwhile, particularly if you are interested in the Focolare charism.

For those wishing more detail about NCP and Focolare, please assess these links:

If you wish to order any of the books I reviewed, please use these links. Although they are also available through Amazon, please order through New City Press. Amazon takes a sizable cut of the purchase price, reducing significantly the amount due to author and publisher. See my  previous blog postings regarding the unscrupulous activities of Scamazon.