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Karl on 3 month speaking tour of Australia

Monthly Parish Lecture Series 

Sample Topics


Topic:  Lectio Divina: The Practice of Prayerfully Reading Holy Scripture

This workshop is a detailed discussion and demonstration of how to practice Lectio Divina, and where to learn more. It will include an opportunity for personal and / or group practice. Schultz will offer practical suggestions for individual, familial / group, and parish use, as well as remedies for dealing with obstacles such as busyness, discouragement, and dryness.

We will explore it chronologically, from its ancient origins to its recent renaissance, and highlight the approach and resources of its most prominent proponent, the late Cardinal Carlo Martini, S.J.

The workshop is suitable for persons at all levels of familiarity with the Bible and lectio divina, including non-Catholics.

Modern Biblical Renewal

This talk is a discussion of the resurgence of interest in the Bible, particularly among the laity, after the Council, and will include Karl’s reflections on how he participated in this and the effect it had upon him.  This will include personal and practical applications which Karl learned from experts in the field, including many pioneers of the renewal.

We will explore the amazing strides and rides the Church has experienced with the Bible in the modern era (post 1890), and how it puts at our disposal an unprecedented wealth of knowledge and guidance. The discussion will include the Church’s down to earth struggle with the Bible and how it corresponds to the individual’s struggles with the Bible. We will focus on what this means to us individually as well as communally, and how this can deepen and expand our love affair with the Bible.

 Matthew’s Gospel

This talk deals with the Gospel of Matthew and how it differs from and agrees with the other Gospels.  The focus will be on the Beatitudes and selected parables, particularly Matthew’s emphasis of sin and forgiveness.  Karl will highlight the last judgment parable which is unique to Matthew and sums up themes from the Gospel.

Matthew is our focus because it is the Gospel of the upcoming liturgical year A, and its brilliance is often overlooked due to its Hebrew pedagogy and mindset which is foreign to the modern mind. We will explore how to read Matthew both contextually and contemporarily, and make practical applications to our lives.

St. Joseph

This talk is an exposition of Matthew 1-2 and will show how Joseph is a model of discipleship and masculinity, equally appropriate to both sexes.  Karl will discuss Joseph’s contemporary relevance in response to the negative images of masculinity and fatherhood in our modern culture.

We will discover anew the many spiritual and relationship riches unveiled with exposure to this silent saint.

Pope Paul VI & Vatican II

This talk discusses Pope Paul VI, the highlights of his life, his papacy, his influence on the church, and key documents, addresses, and initiatives. Karl will discuss Paul’s implementation of the Council and the aftermath, and how he recognized that there were abuses occurring and what he proposed to do about them.

Karl will demonstrate why among those in the know Paul VI is considered one of the greatest popes in history, and the most influential Catholic of the twentieth century.

Suffering and Job

During this talk, Karl highlighst key points of Pope John PauI II’s letter on suffering as well as key themes from the book of Job.  Karl will reveal both positive and negative models of care-giving presented there.  This will be a very pastoral and down to earth discussion that illuminates the Church’s profound teaching on the mystery of suffering, and in particular its redemptive potential.

Adam & Eve – the Ideal and the Real

This talk is an exposition of Genesis 1-3, linked to key themes of theology of the body.  Karl will highlight advances in biblical studies over the last century that have shed light on the depths of meaning contained in not only individual verses, but particular words as well.

Karl will show how it models a healthy perspective on gender identity, vocation, and relationships that diverges significantly from that of modern psychology and popular culture. We will contrast it with our culture’s pagan values, which often resemble those of ancient Israel’s neighbors, and discover that the story can function as a mirror and expose’ on us as individuals and a society. Participants will discover the existential and personal nature of the story, and how it is about each of us. We will discover anew why it is the greatest story on sexuality and human nature ever composed.

Matthew’s Passion Narrative

This talk is a discussion of how Matthew’s Passion Narrative differs from the other Gospels.  We will discuss in some depth the Last Supper Account, the Agony in the Garden, and Peter’s denial, as well as distinguishing aspects of Matthew’s telling of the story.

This will also function as a basic introduction to Redaction Criticism, the helpful science that shows how the individual evangelists helped shape the message for their community from the traditions handed down to them.

Books, CDs, and DVDs will be available at all presentations. Feel free to contact Karl A. Schultz at Genesis Center for further information.