About Karl A. Schultz

formal portraitKarl A. Schultz is the director of Genesis Personal Development Center in Daytona Beach, FL.  He is an author, speaker, and retreat leader on personal and organizational development and biblical spirituaity, particularly the practice and application of lectio divina to such topics as:

men’s and women’s issues and family spirituality

potential fulfillment and wellness

gender communications, conflict resolution, mating, marriage and sexuality

time and stress management

Schultz has presented programs in church, retreat, corporate, hospital, hospice, and convention environments throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He has discussed his work on numerous television and radio programs, including several EWTN programs. His teaching series on lectio divina and the Holy Family will air on EWTN in 2014.

Karl really takes the bull by the horns

Within the business world, Karl has held positions in public accounting, corporate accounting, financial analysis, and corporate training. He has been director of Genesis Personal Development Center since 1988. His first book, “Where is God When You Need Him?”, was published in 1992.

Academic Background

Karl received his B.B.A. degree in accounting from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Administration and passed the C.P.A. examination in 1981.

Karl was awarded the Phillips Classical Prize in Latin in 1978.

Karl has done graduate work in biblical studies and theology at St. John’s Seminary, Boston, and St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Philadelphia. He received a Master Teacher Certificate in Adult Religious Education from the Archdiocese of Boston in 1983.

Things are looking up for SchultzKarl’s Ministry

Karl A. Schultz writes and speaks on biblical spirituality, wellness and potential fulfillment, pastoral care, and men’s and marital spirituality. Popular topics include lectio divina, Christian perspectives on suffering, care-giving, time and stress management, and human development, St. Joseph as a model for masculinity and discipleship, and Paul VI .

With respect to biblical spirituality, Karl specializes in the story of Adam and Eve, the book of Job, the Holy Family, and the Gospel of Matthew. His Job Therapy program for coping with suffering, inner healing, reconciliation, and care-giving has been approved by the Pennsylvania Nurses Association for R.N. continuing education units. He has spoken in health-care, support group, and hospice settings internationally.

Karl has collaborated with bishops, theologians, and secular scholars on human and spiritual development topics. Many of these dialogues are available on CD and DVD.

Karl’s books and presentations interactively engage the participant and incorporate humor, reflection questions, and practical applications.

Karl is known internationally for his work on men’s spirituality and development, his emphasis of the model of St. Joseph for both men and women, and his promotion of collaboration between men and women according to Church and biblical teaching.

Down Under Lecture Tour 

 In 2009, Schultz conducted a three month lectio divina lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand. The primary topics were lectio divina, Pope Paul VI and Vatican II, suffering, time and stress management, and men’s and priests’ retreats. He gave over 100 presentations in five diocese: Wagga Wagga, Ballarat, and Adelaide in Australia, and Christchurch and Dunedin in New Zealand. Many of these, including interviews with various bishops on lectio divina and biblical spirituality, have been filmed and are available on CD and DVD. See the Products Page on the website home page.

Highlights of Schultz’ tour include swimming across the Murray river twice, trailing a bemused echidna (one of five mammals species that lay eggs, and that’s no yolk), scaling Mount Cargill in Dunedin, getting lost at Mt. Echo immediately before a talk, swimming in frigid, artic-fed waters in Christchurch, Warmnabool, Dunedin, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Queenstown — to the astonishment of both the bishop and wet-suit clad surfers, and being shown on New Zealand television while swimming in the Pacific Ocean amid an oncoming tsunami. He just likes to make waves. Some of these exploits were videotaped by unsuspecting conscripted Aussies and Kiwis functioning as surrogate cameramen, and made their way onto the aforementioned DVDs as “bonus material.” (no, not “bonehead.”)