The hypocrisy of sports illustrated

Sports illustrated, the same shameful rag that objectifies women in swimsuits at the same time that it castigates men who respond to inappropriate dress and advances tries once again, unsuccessfully and shamefully to be socially relevant.

As the Church teaches, and society observed until the onset of hedonism, relativism, and individualism, homosexual behavior is wrong. Making an issue, literally, of a basketball player acknowledging his homosexuality. Not worthy of comment here.

However, what does merit mention is a comment some weeks ago by a SI writer:

In the March 18, 2013 edition of SI, an author, Richard Hoffer, made this comment:

“McIlroy became, in the casual decision to walk to his car instead of the 9th tee
box, a loser of the worst stripe, joining a gumptionless gallery of quitters
that includes the likes of Roberto Duran, Shelley Long, Dave Chappelle and Pope
Benedict XVI.”

Can u imagine the gall and inappropriateness of writing that and of publishing it.

Put simply, it is ok to malign a pope, but not those who act immorally.  Sports has become idolatry. Write SI with your disapproval. I did but the email bounced. Maybe they are not interested in hearing negative feedback on their immorality. If you get a valid email address for such letters, send it to me.

Also, I welcome your posts on this. Send em along. But write the rag first.

Pray for the writer of this atrocity. If he has to pick on an 84 year old pope who has given so much to others, he can’t possibly not need it. And for the magazine.

And have a great end of the Easter season!

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