Misplaced Priorities in High Places

Why was there so little furor over the rescheduling of the inauguration ceremonies on Sunday, January 20, 2013,¬†for the personal profit of a Supreme Court Justice? Justice Sonia Sotomaier needs to get her priorities straight. She would not have the opportunity to publish an autobiography were it not for her position. She brings personal concerns to the public forum which are intrinsically inappropriate. Worse, she is not held accountable for her lack of respect for democratic protocol. If her book signing was that important that it couldn’t be rescheduled, why not invite another justice to perform the ceremony. What makes her any more worthy than the other justices?
Also, Vice-President Biden and President Obama need to halt their constant pandering to women. It was very gracious of the Justice to make time to swear in the Vice-President. After all, promoting her book is essential to the common good that a Justice is sworn to serve. The vice-president was effusively appreciative of her altering her schedule. Where is his sense of the dignity of the office of Supreme Court Justice? President Obama continually lobbies for women’s rights but rarely for their responsibilities. He also ignores when so-called women’s rights interfere with men’s, or go against moral principles, e.g., abortion and subsidized contraception.
Justice Sotomayer’s actions are an affront to both men and women who do not bring private, domestic concerns into the public forum in an inappropriate way. If the President and Vice-President are afraid to hold the Justice accountable, how can we trust that they will not compromise other principles out of concern for public opinion, interest group sanctions, and political correctness? Given her apparent sense of entitlement, it is difficult to see how Justice Sotomayer is qualified to judge objectively in the highest court of the land. This is a professional, not personal, sanction, but it needs to be addressed.

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