Sexuality and the Creation Stories: Gen 1-3

In the mid-1990s, I recorded two programs on Gen 1-3. Each was approximately 72 minutes long, composed of 3 24 minute segments.

These are very helpful for understanding the historical context of the creation stories and their contemporary applications, particularly to male-female relationships. They provide helpful insights into gender identity and communications., while answering basic questions about the creation stories.

These are designed for the individual with a basic or intermediate familiarity with the biblical texts, and thus should be accessible to anyone.  They make a nice complement to the Theology of the Body DVD discussed in the previous post, and are thus packaged together at an attractive price.

The two CDs are available for $22 total, shipping included. The price for the Theology of the Body DVD, along with the two CDs, is $40 total, shipping included.

If you wish to order the CD, you may do so in two ways. Either send a check for the total amount, made out to Genesis Personal Development Center or Karl A. Schultz, at the following address:

3431 Gass Avenue; Pgh, Pa  15212-2239.

Or, send me your email address, and I will forward a Paypal payment request that you can validate. If you have any questions, please email me at or (412) 766-7545.

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