In the Beginning: Introduction to Theology of the Body and Biblical and Catholic Teachings on Sex, Love, and Marriage

In August, 1994, I gave a 3 plus hour program on theology of the body and biblical and Catholic teaching on sexuality. It was professionally videotaped, and the quality is quite good.

Theology of the body is the term applied to Pope John Paul’s teaching on sexuality, and in particular the Wednesday papal audiences he devoted to the subject from September, 1979 through November, 1984.  It is an overwhelming amount of material rooted in profound phenomenological reflections and practical exposition of Scripture. John Paul was a respected phenomenologist (put simply, phenomenology is the inverse of philosophy: philosophy starts from the abstract or concept and moves to reality. phenomenology goes in the other direction) who had published an influential book in Polish in 1960 on sexuality entitled “Love and Responsibility.” As a bishop and archbishop, he promoted many programs in support of marriage.

This DVD gives a basic introduction to theology of the body, but even more, a practical exposition of the biblical texts it draws from, particularly Gen 1-3. Theology of the body has become a very popular topic within the Church, particularly among young people, but a mature interpretation and application requires a basic familiarity with the underlying biblical texts from a historical critical perspective, that is, using the tools of modern biblical studies. Otherwise one can unintentionally move into a moralistic or fundamentalistic interpretation that distorts the meaning of John Paul’s teachings. This DVD, and two CDs on Gen 1-3 that will be featured tomorrow, can give you a basic foundation for applying these profound stories to your life in an informed and healthy way.

The DVD is available for $22, shipping included.

If you wish to order the DVD, you may do so in two ways. Either send a check for the total amount, made out to Genesis Personal Development Center or Karl A. Schultz, at the following address:

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