He is Your Spouse

After three years of dating, hearing the words, “Pray to be faithful, for you may not always love this man you are about to marry!” seemed absolutely ludicrous to my very young (17) and immature mind.

How could I possibly ever NOT love this incredibly wonderful person who, in turn, loved me so very much?  …. Only time would tell, as we who have been married any length of time (at least 8 years) can easily tell a younger generation.

Responsibility. Schedules. Demands. Temptations. Disappointments and failures…. All of these would slowly pick away at our perfectly wedded bliss. Discouragement and despair all too easily can set in to even the most blessed of marriages.

What can save us? Faithfulness. Be faithful to each other as you are faithful to God!

You will fall in and out of love over the years. You may feel that your spouse just isn’t there for you. You might often feel like you’re “going it alone.”

…..During these times, especially, remember God’s love for you! He is your Spouse and you are His. Renew your love for your earthly spouse as you remember your love for your heavenly one. Do all you can do to enkindle this love and be faithful to one another!

His peace and grace to all married couples!

Paula J. Tiller

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